Swansea Gets Free Public Gigabit Wi-Fi

By Gary Cutlack on at

Swansea has been chosen to receive the very latest version of the BT phone box, with the new hardware offering all sorts of modern fun like USB charging, free local and mobile calls, and the chance to test your phone's modem like never before with up to 1Gbps Wi-Fi connections.

This is all courtesy of BT's InLinkUK pods, which the network hopes will replace phone boxes around the city and eventually the whole country. Each InLink unit is funded through advertising, though, so while they're free to linger near and use, you may also be subjected to adverts for sportswear and oversold the abilities of interactive speaker systems while doing so. 11 of the things have gone live in Swansea city centre today, and there are more to come, and yes, they also display things in Welsh.

Juliet Luporini from the Swansea Business Improvement District said some nice things about Swansea because it's her job to, explaining: "Swansea is undergoing its biggest and most exciting era of regeneration and modernisation at the moment, which you can see unfolding as we speak. This initiative goes hand in glove with the overarching drive to make Swansea an area of digital excellence, and it is very positive that visitors and those who live and work in the City Centre will have access to the fastest free public wi-fi available in the UK." [BT]