The BBC Wants Microsoft's Help Catching the Doctor Who Leaker

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in June a the BBC suffered a leak, with a rough cut of a scene from Doctor Who's 11th series premier hitting the net. Naturally it wasn't too happy about this development, and has already taken the matter to court in order to hunt down the leaker. Now, though, it's requesting Microsoft's help.

Request might be a bit of a mild way of putting it, though, because the BBC has actually filed a DMCA subpoena with a Washington federal court in order to target a OneDrive users who allegedly shared the clips online.

According to the BBC a OneDrive user stored and shared a copy of the leaked clip, though it's not clear whether they are the source of the leak. Regardless the Beeb hopes the subpoena will shed light on how the clip ended up online and how to prevent this sort of thing in future. The filing requests Microsoft hand over “any name, account name, address, telephone number, email address, birth date, profile photo, device information, browser information, location information, information from others (e.g., Facebook or Google+) and time posted.”

While the request has been filed it's not clear whether it has been approved by the courts. That also means we don't know what Microsoft's response is likely to be, especially since the BBC claims the clip was stolen.

Given both the BBC's court filings have been made in the US, it's logical to assume that the leak came from somewhere within the country. For the BBC's sake, it better hope that's the case, because Microsoft has a very long track record of refusing demands from US authorities when it comes to handing over user data stored overseas.

You can read the full request here, courtesy of TorrentFreak. [TorrentFreak]