The Flash and Reverse Flash Duke It Out in This Exciting Fan Animation

By Julie Muncy on at

Flash and Reverse Flash are classic rivals (it’s right there in the name!), and in this new fan animation, created by CrimsonedRenz, the two Speed Force-powered supers face off in a nasty, fast, brutal battle.

The animation, based on the CW’s rendition of the two’s rivalry, uses audio clips from the CW’s Flash TV show to set up the context for the fight, before using some pretty impressive and fluid CGI to dramatise a hyperkinetic fight that takes the speedsters all across Central City.

The animation, which clocks it at an impressive seven minutes, is clearly a fan work, with basic backgrounds and some choppiness. Even so, the choreography and movement is exceptional. It’s no animated movie, but it’s still pretty great.

For more animation, including a bunch of tests and early designs for this animation, check out CrimsonedRenz’s Youtube Channel. For more of the Flash in live action, check out Amazon Prime or Sky One on October 9, 2018.

Image: CW