The Latest Galaxy Note 9 Leak Actually Includes UK Pricing Information

By Tom Pritchard on at

30 hours is how long you'll have to wait for the Galaxy Note 9 to be officially announced by Samsung, and as is the case with these things the last few missing details are starting to trickle out. The latest leak finally includes some ricing information for the phone, with figures for the UK.

We've seen alleged pricing before, including a promo deal from Indonesia with prices that seem far too cheap for a premium Samsung phone available here. Turns out any scepticism was well founded. The Indonesian promo pricing had a phone on sale for the equivalent of £719, but according to a report from WinFuture the cheapest version of the phone will actually cost £899 - £30 more than the Galaxy Note 8 and S9 Plus.

That's for the 128GB base model with 6GB of RAM, according to the report. Samsung will apparently not be making the 512GB variant an Asian exclusive, with WinFuture claiming it will have 8GB of RAM and a £1,099 price tag. So it's not going to be cheap, and it seems like Samsung's claims that it will be "reasonably priced" aren't true. Either that or Samsung has a funny idea of what reasonably priced actually means.

That report also comes with a bunch of marketing material confirming a lot of what we already know. The Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen for instance will have a button that can be used for remote control functions - including the camera shutter, presentations, and so on. There's also the variable aperture camera, and built-in DeX software that lets users plug their phone into a display and use it as its own computer without the need for a separate dock. [WinFuture via Android and Me]