The Next Samsung Smartwatch is the Galaxy Watch, and it's Coming to EE First

By Tom Pritchard on at

As expected Samsung used the Galaxy Unpacked event in New York to announce a multitude of products, including the latest in its long line of smartwatches. But this isn't the Gear S4, this is the Galaxy Watch because brand synergy is important. It's got all those things a 4G smartwatch can offer, and it's coming to EE first.

From the sounds of things this is timed exclusivity, rather than the same situation as the LTE Apple Watch which is still only available through the BT-owned phone network. So that's good for the smartwatch fans who do their business with someone else.

Samsung proudly bragged that the Galaxy Watch has a seven day battery life, which is better than some fitness trackers and basically unheard of for a smartwatch. So you're not going to have to take it off when you go to bed every night. being a 4G smarwatch also means it can function independently from the smartphone, and includes a lot of basic features like calls, messaging, maps, weather, music, and scheduling.

The wearable is also tethered into Samsung's health platform, with all the associated features. That means it has 39 built-in workouts for you to try, calorie tracking that can tie into Bixby Vision and automatically log nutritional information for you. There's also a stress management tracker, breathing exercises for wellness, an well as a 'new advanced' sleep tracker.

42mm and 46mm options are available in Midnight Black or Rose Gold colours, with a Gorilla Glass DX+ display and built-in Samsung Pay functionality. Sadly there's no word on pricing or availability. According to Samsung a Bluetooh version of the Galaxy Watch is available now, but the 4G version won't be arriving with EE until later this year.