The Pixel 3 Launch Date Has Been Leaked... by Google

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tech companies are very fond of keeping all their secrets close to their chest, and making sure they don't end up in public before the time is right. Except they're not very good at that job, and often the biggest leaks come from internal sources rather than some third party affiliate. Case in point, Google is the company responsible for leaking the day it'll announce the Pixel 3.

As it turns out Google will be announcing it on exactly the same date as the Pixel 2 and Pixel 1: 4th October. This news was noticed by YouTube channelĀ This is Tech Today, who noticed an advert onĀ Famebit, allegedly made by Google, looking for influencers and content creators to cover the Pixel 3's launch, date included. Since this is the same date as the last two big annual announcements, you can't fault google for being consistent. That said, it could do a better job of keeping the important dates to itself.

The date is probably going to be more than just the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL too. Don't be surprised if we see updated Pixel Buds (hopefully designed to actually stay in your ear this time), a new Pixelbook, and possibly even a Pixel-brand smartwatch. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a new version of Google Home, or something else to try and compete with the Amazon Echo, either.

While we haven't seen much about the hardware that'll be inside the Pixel 3, we have seen quite a lot of the design, thank to numerous render leaks. The Pixel 3 XL in particular is likely to be controversial, due to the presence of a notch and speaker-housing chin, but the regular-sized Pixel 3 seems to be retaining the standard notch-free display. Some specs have also allegedly leaked via Geekbench, but there's no evidence that the 4GB model mentioned will actually be what Google unveils.

But it's just under two months before the launch date, so we're bound to be hearing a lot more in the coming weeks - especially after Thursday's Note 9 launch is out of the way. [Slashgear]