The Simpsons Are Getting the Lego BrickHeadz Treatment

By Kim Snaith on at

In a tweet shared on the official Lego Twitter account yesterday, the company revealed two new BrickHeadz: Krusty the Clown and Homer Simpson.

The Simpsons seem like a logical choice to be included in the BrickHeadz range. After all, we've already had the now-discontinued Simpsons House and the Kwik-E-Mart, and BrickHeadz seem to be revisiting a lot of Lego's lesser-used franchises as of late (including Ghostbusters and Back to the Future).

It's unclear from Lego's tweet whether Homer and Krusty will be sold separately or as a double-pack. I'd guess, since they've been announced together, they'll be available together. Krusty looks pretty cool, with his printed bow tie and eccentric blue hair sticking out, but compared to some other BrickHeadz, Homer's a little plain. He appears to have printed bricks around his head for hair, but nothing on the front of him. But then, he only ever really wears a white t-shirt.

It seems fair to assume that Homer and Krusty will be followed by more Simpsons characters in due course. Bart and Milhouse, perhaps? Ned Flanders? Marge would be an interesting one to see thanks to her super-tall blue hair.

There's no release date for Homer and Krusty yet; as the tweet says, they're "coming soon".

[UPDATE: An earlier version of this post stated that Homer had no printed bricks, but an eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that he has printed hair. I've updated the article to reflect this.]