This Lost In Space Art is as Quirky and Wonderful as the Original Show

By Germain Lussier on at

Lost in Space may be experiencing a bit of a renaissance thanks to the new Netflix series, but everything traces back to the original show. Back in the 1960s, Lost in Space was a weird slice of science fiction very much of its time, complete with a fabulous aesthetic that the new show pays homage too, but updates significantly.

If you want a throwback, though, Titan Books just released Lost in Space: The Art of Juan Ortiz. It’s a poster book featuring 94 different pieces “celebrating the characters and episodes of the iconic and much-loved series.” But it’s one thing to say that – it’s another to see some of the work. Here’s an exclusive peak at just a few of Ortiz’s posters (which he similarly did for Star Trek: The Next Generation.)

The best thing about these posters has to be how incredibly varied they are. Ortiz does his best to give each episode, character, or theme its own unique feel, even if it’s usually in his minimalist, colourful style.

The book, the cover of which looks like the image above, is now available everywhere.

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