Three Will Give You a £150 Easyjet Holidays Voucher if You Switch Networks

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month Three announced that any of its customers hopping on an Easyjet flight would be entitled to the airline's 'Hands-Free' service without having to pay for it. Basically meaning they get early boarding, the option to put hand luggage in the hold, a free tote, and first access to their bags on the other side. Now it's announced that people switching to the network will get a free £150 Easyjet voucher.

The caveats are that the deal you choose needs to be at least 24 months long with upwards of 12GB of monthly data, and it's only for holiday deals. That means no spending it on flights and sorting the hotel yourself. It also has to be used on a two person holiday for a minimum of three nights, or a trip that costs more than £800. So it's not that great a deal, if I'm being honest.

The voucher code itself could take up to 35 days to arrive, and then has to be used within 6 months according to the T&Cs. At least it gives you ample opportunity to use the Hand's Free perk, but that only applies to the outbound flight and not the return leg of the journey.

It's not the most enticing deal in the world, but if you've ever been on an Easyjet holiday and decided it was lovely then this might be worth thinking about. Assuming you're in a position to switch networks. [TechRadar]