Ticketmaster Closes its Reseller Sites

By Gary Cutlack on at

The modern pop culture hate crime of scalping people for gig tickets is about to get a little harder to pull off, with market leader Ticketmaster saying it's giving up on trying to make money on selling things twice by closing its resale portals.

Ticketmaster currently operates GET ME IN! and Seatwave, two sites dedicated to letting people who suddenly can't attend the concert they had no interest in attending sell on their tickets. Often for a profit. Public revulsion at the concept, led by their musical idols, has been high, with Ticketmaster becoming a byword for corporate evil in the entertainment circles thanks to the way gig tickets are being block bought and instantly sold on.

But not any more, as it's binning the pair of reseller sites in October. Ticketmaster said: "...we've listened and we hear you: secondary sites just don't cut it anymore and you're tired of seeing others snap up tickets just to resell for a profit."

Instead, the main Ticketmaster site will soon allow unwanted tickets to be put back for sale direct to fans, with a price cap in place so that only the original face value can be charged. [Ticketmaster]