Uber's Turning One of its Cars Into a 'Travelling Venue' for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tomorrow sees the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and for the next three and a half weeks the Scottish capital will transform into a hub of performance art. Most people also know it for the amount of stand-up comedy it produces, and this year Uber is getting in on the festivities. It's turning one of its cars into the city's 'smallest travelling venue'.

In other words you can book a specialised Uber for you and up to three others, and get a 15 minute set from comedian Andrew Maxwell. Sadly as Maxwell points out each gig won't be stand-up comedy, as he will be sitting down the whole time.

Each gig is free, and can be booked through the Uber app or on the Fringe website, but they are in short supply. They're only happening on the 8th and 9th between 1pm and 3pm, as well as between 3pm and 5pm on 10th. Overall that means there are 12 of the 15 minute shows, so you shouldn't be too disappointed if you end up missing out.

You also have to make sure you're at the designated pick-up point at the right time, because this isn't a proper Uber and won't be coming directly to you. They have a schedule to maintain after all.

Alex Robertson, Regional Manager at Uber, said:

“Lots of drivers who use our app like to think of themselves as comedians, but it’s safe to say Andrew is going to set a pretty high bar.

“To get 4 free tickets to the smallest venue in town all you need is the Uber app and a bit of luck. To secure a ride simply select the Comedy Car in the app and if you’re successful you and three friends will be picked for a laugh around town. Alternatively, if you want to book in advance you can do via the Edinburgh Fringe website.

Maxwell himself will have an ongoing Fringe show each night at 9pm, at the Assembly George Square Theatre. Those are going on all month, with tickets available on the Fringe website.