Virgin Media Viewers Revert to Coat Hanger Aerials to Watch TV

By Gary Cutlack on at

Freeview is a bit more popular now than it was until very recently, according to Freeview, which thinks that the collapse in the relationship between UKTV and Virgin Media is leading to more people investigating the legacy TV viewing method of doing it for free, terrestrially, via some old aerial that's been lying dormant in the loft for a couple of decades.

Freeview says that its channel listing page has grown bafflingly popular of late, as angry Virgin subscribers look for new ways to get their beloved old Dave channel back on their screens now it's been removed from the Virgin channel collection. The Freeview channel list does indeed have a few UKTV options, with Dave and its +1 accompaniment on there, along with slightly more niche channels Yesterday, Really and Drama also available on Freeview without the need for a subscription, an app or an authenticated copy of your passport signed by a GP and a witness. They just work, through an aerial, with any old Freeview box you've had since the 1990s. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash