Water Park Closed as Water Turns Toxic

By Gary Cutlack on at

Water-based fun has been cancelled in the Ipswich area, thanks to dangerous levels of potentially toxic blue green algae triggered by the warm weather -- leaving the operators of Aqua Park Suffolk no alternative than to close up for the summer lest the punters go home exhausted and infected.

The water park explained the closure with: "...due to the ongoing warm weather, and despite our best efforts and investment in technical solutions, algal levels at Alton Water have not returned to safe levels. As a result, Aqua Park Suffolk will not reopen this season and we would like to apologise to our disappointed customers."

The "technical solution" mentioned was an attempt to Elon Musk the problem away using technology, but to no avail. Water experts tried to zap the algae with ultrasound, hoping that this would damage its cells enough that it would sink and die, but this did nothing. Hence no water sports fun in the Ipswich area for the rest of the year, as blue green algae can cause damage to the liver and nervous system should any get swallowed during the course of energetic fun in a body of water. [BBC]