Wizz Air Wins (AKA Loses) in Most-Delayed UK Flier Stats

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hungarian flier Wizz Air has been outed as the least punctual airline operating on routes in and out of the UK, recording average delays of nearly 23 minutes per flight over the last year.

That's according to analysis of stats compiled by the CAA and covering flights during 2017, with Wizz saying it was not really all its own fault, because there was a colder than usual winter that contributed to its problems, along with the more usual technical UK air travel issues like congestion in our airspace and at terminals, and restrictions on flying hours imposed by air watchdogs.

As for the UK-based airlines, the best at being late is Thomas Cook Airlines, which averaged delays of slightly more than 21 minutes per flight during 2017, with BMI Regional second most clogged with delays of bang on the 21 minute average. Bigger fish Easyjet was behind them in third position, with hold-ups of just over 18 minutes per flight on average. Just about enough time to do a poo groundside and get a coffee, so no real harm done. [Sky News]