Wonder Woman 1984 Now Has the Period-Appropriate Breakfast Club Tribute It Always Needed

By Julie Muncy on at

Okay, fine, The Breakfast Club didn’t come out until 1985. It’s still a good look.

Recently, Chris Sylvia, an employee of Regal Cinemas, posted a fantastic picture of the stars of Wonder Woman 1984, along with director Patty Jenkins, posed in a look reminiscent of the classic poster for The Breakfast Club. And now, someone’s turned their poster tribute into a poster.

The creation, which appears to have been created by reddit user u/HenroTee, takes the photo and turns it into a full-on recreation of the original poster, fit to hang on your bedroom wall right next to your signed picture of Molly Ringwald.

The Wonder Club. Image: via Reddit

John Hughes films probably aren’t the ‘80s vibe Wonder Woman 1984 will be drawing from, it’ll probably be more grim and glitzy, but these five would still be really interesting locked in a school together.

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out November 2, 2019.