Yep, the Bixby Speaker Just Got Announced. Does Anyone Care?

By Tom Pritchard on at

As has been rumoured ever since Samsung originally launched Bixby, the company just confirmed that a Bixby-powered smart speaker is on the way. Meet the Galaxy Home, a speaker powered by an AI that even Samsung had trouble hyping to the Galaxy Unpacked crowd. Oh, fucking joy.

Design-wise it looks a bit like the kind of thing Jony Ive might come up with if he ever did some work while taking many, many drugs. It looks like a large speaker grill on three metal legs. At least that means the deep bass we've been promised won't leave any rings in your wood varnish.

The goal here is to offer a speaker that can offer a proper surround-sound experience, and the one key feature you might enjoy is that the sound can be optimised based on your current location. Unfortunately this isn't an automatic process, you have to actually ask Bixby to do it for you. Kind of a pain if you ask me.

Details are pretty scarce at the moment, with more details promised for the Samsung Developer Conference in November. All we know now is that the Galaxy Home has eight microphones for far-field voice recognition, and is designed to seamlessly connect your voice to all your smart home devices - something DJ Koh, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics, was keen to emphasise at the start of the event.

Samsung has teamed up with Spotify, though, which was named the primary music partner for the Galaxy Home. No word on whether any other music services will be compatible just yet, but it does mean your Samsung account will be tied into Spotify if you want it. It'll also be "easier to discover" on Samsung devices, which sounds like more bloatware is on the way.

No word on pricing or release, from the sounds of things.