Your Call Recording App Isn't Going to Work With Android Pie

By Tom Pritchard on at

The rollout of Android 9 (Pie) has already begun, but there's a problem for one very particular kind of app. While there had been rumours Google was going to offer a built-in call recording feature on Pie, it seems that the latest version of Android has stopped many of the third party apps from working. Basically if you want to record your phone calls that badly you're probably going to have to root your device.

Some may remember that Google did offer a call recording API that was removed when Marshmallow hit the scene, but the third party developers were able to keep up with demand. Now though the developers of popular call recording apps like Call Recorder – ACRBoldBeast Android Call Recorder, and Call Recorder – Skvalex have confirmed their apps don't work with the non-rooted version of Android Pie. Apparently this is a universal thing, and no call-recording apps will be able to get round the apparent block.

Call recording may be a controversial subject, but having an app that's capable of recording calls can be very useful. Dealing with customer service agents that may or may not tell you the truth is a big one, as is being able to keep a log of any important calls that need to be transcribed or referred to at a later date.

It's not clear whether the change is an intentional blanket ban on recording calls, or whether Google may reintroduce the feature at a later date. There's been no word from the company itself, so we'll just have to see what happens in the near future. [Piunika Web via Ubergizmo]