Accidental Tuna Catch Worth £10,000 to be Measured and Incinerated

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fishermen working out of Brixham will not be enjoying massive tuna steaks all round as a result of landing an enormous 350kg bluefin tuna, due to fishing laws that say such accidental bycatches cannot be enjoyed. So it's off to Exeter University for the giant catch, where it'll be measured, have its age calculated, then incinerated. As in, destroyed, not slightly overcooked.

The fish was caught accidentally while the lads on fishing boat Constant Friend were out trawling for sprats. The rules say that bluefin can't be landed by UK boats as there is no official quota for the fish, hence any bycatches must be returned to the water. Sadly, this monster died in the fishing nets, so the crew were left with over a third of a tonne of tuna and no legal avenue to sell it.

The matter's made all the more contentious due to the fact that French fishermen are allowed to catch and sell bluefin, much to the annoyance of our local fleets. [The Times]

Image credit: Twitter