Advertising Standards Bans Vodafone Broadband Ad

By Kim Snaith on at

A series of TV and radio advertisements for Vodafone's home broadband services featuring Martin Freeman have been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The ads state that "Vodafone guarantee your home broadband speeds or money off until it's fixed". Acting on a series of complaints, including one from BT, the ASA has banned the ads on account of unsubstantiated claims.

The TV adverts in question show Martin Freeman playing a video game online, until it cuts out and buffers after the internet connection drops. Text in the advert and on Vodafone's website states that if your internet doesn't reach particular speeds, then you're entitled to money off your bills.

However, the ASA has deemed the advert to be misleading, by suggesting that anyone who experiences any kind of buffering while streaming content online will be entitled to a discount. ASA uphold the belief that this may not be the case, as people can still experience connection issues even when their internet speed meets whatever threshold Vodafone deems acceptable.

As per the BBC, Vodafone has stated it's "disappointed" with the ASA's ruling and stand by their offer to discount customers whose internet connection doesn't deliver as promised. [BBC]