Angry Dads Win Coco Pops Box Change With Dirty Protest

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apparently, somewhere on the old box for Kellogg's Coco Pops, it used to say "Loved by kids. Approved by mums" – a slogan which members of men-only pressure group Fathers4Justice took umbrage with. Because dads are equally capable of feeding their children toxic sugary slime out of boxes, too.

Hence a bizarre dirty protest was launched in a Peterborough branch of Asda by a couple of dads, who emptied boxes of the cereal on the floor, tipped milk over it, and broadcast the protest to supporters via Facebook's live streaming tools, while claiming Kellogg's is guilty of ignoring the single-parent dad sector of the market with its sexist assumptions about who does the shopping.

Amazingly, this (and social media pressure) appears to have worked, with Kellogg's saying it's to change the box tag to something more generic, with future products saying "Approved by Parents" instead. Although we'd like to see exactly how the parents approved it, along with their identities so we can double check if they actually did. [Kellogg's via Peterborough Today]