Anti-Brexiters Quietly Politicise the Proms With EU Hats

By Gary Cutlack on at

A really, really polite political battle unfolded on the BBC over the weekend, as the flag-waving enthusiasm at the last night of the proms turned into a war of patriotism between those with union flags and rivals holding EU banners.

The BBC coverage of the event showed a suspiciously high number of EU flags and hats being waved and worn alongside the more traditional red, white and blue of the union, an unofficial takeover coordinated by pro-remain campaigners who handed out thousands of the blue and yellow articles of EU symbolism to attendees; knowing full well their flag-waving would get on the TV and a minor point would be made.

The iPlayer footage therefore shows one constant passive-aggressive crowd battle between UK flag-wavers and EU flag-wavers to see who can wave their flags the highest and the fastest and win the most TV time for their favoured regime, although there's also a Syria flag in there quite prominently, and one from Spain, and...

... there's Norway, Germany, Ireland, and possibly a bit of Israel over to the left, and someone quietly sticking it to China there in the middle by taking along the Hong Kong flag. Basically extreme flag fatigue means no one really won and zero minds were changed, although some old people may have been annoyed enough to write letters, which will be arriving tomorrow in envelopes that smell of houses with air freshener plug-ins. [iPlayer via The Times]