Apparently Google's New Chrome OS Tablet Will be Called the Pixel Slate

By Tom Pritchard on at

Android tablets have always been the focus of some criticism, because the OS isn't properly optimised for large screens - which can be problematic for some apps. It's a wonder why Google never bothered with a tablet that can run Chrome OS, rather than limiting it to laptops, but it's been known for a while that something is in the works. Now it's being claimed that the tablet itself will be called the Pixel Slate.

This comes from Android Police's David Ruddock, who posted this snippet of information on Twitter yesterday afternoon. As he points out the name itself isn't new, but he seems to trust his source.

We have absolutely no way of verifying this information, so it could be absolute nonsense, but since the name really does keep popping up there must be some sort of reason for it. Slate is actually a pretty clever name too, seeing as how slate tablets were used as reusable writing pads as far back as the fourteenth century. They were effectively the tablets of their day, so someone in the marketing team probably deserves a pay rise or some sort of bonus.

There haven't been nearly as many leaks about this than their have with the other devices due to be announced on 9th October, but apparently we can expect a device with a 2400×1600 resolution (the same as the Pixel book), two USB-C ports,  fingerprint scanner, and connection pins for keyboards and other similar accessories.

We'll have to wait and see what Google has in store for us, but with 9th October looming ever closer we don't have very long to see. Hopefully there will be some surprises left by the time the announcement rolls around. [Android and Me]