Apple Celebrates Buying Shazam by Removing the Ads

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple is famed for having been the first company to reach a trillion dollar valuation, something possible because of all the money it manages to rake in from the likes of iTunes and the App Store. So it certainly doesn't need to trouble itself with adding adverts to its many first party apps, which is presumably why it's gone and pulled adverts from the free version of the newly acquired Shazam.

For those that don't know Apple has been in the process of trying to acquire Shazam since last year, but the acquisition had been put on hold because the EU had some anti-trust concerns. The issue was that since Shazam is the most widely-used music identification service within the EEC, and had options to purchase music from third party services, the fact Apple could prioritise its own platforms could have had an impact on competition within the digital music industry.

The sale was approved by EU regulators earlier this month, with the EU ruling that the buyout wouldn't be anti-competitive, with Apple announcing everything had been finalised yesterday. To commemorate this news, the company has also confirmed that Shazam is going ad free for all users, even those using Android devices. The idea being that people will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted 'Shazam experience'. Which is good because nobody likes ads, and it't not like Apple needs to earn however little it would get from every annoying video ad users are forced to listen to.

Presumably this means the premium app (currently known as Shazam Encore) will be vanishing, since the main difference is the lack of adverts. The change isn't taking effect immediately, though, and Shazam users will have to wait for an update before the adverts vanish. So make sure you don't accidentally spend £3 on Shazam Encore in the meantime. [Apple via Android Police]