Apple Unveils The Apple Watch 4

By Kim Snaith on at

The first new item on the agenda for tonight's Apple event was the Apple Watch. Following lots of spiel about how Apple Watch has "redefined what a watch can do for you", Apple announced that they are taking the Apple Watch "to the next level" by unveiling Apple Watch 4.

It's been redesigned from the ground up, with a thinner design and a bigger screen. The watch face has been redesigned too, with eight customisable areas. You can, for example, customise a watch face to have different time zones, or have it focus on health and fitness. The modular design has also been revamped to allow for more useful stats from various apps to be shown.

Apple Watch 4 also comes with new watch dynamic watch faces, such as fire, water and vapour faces that interact with the watch dial itself.

The microphone and speakers have also been updated, with the mic moved as far away as possible from the speaker for the best quality possible. The 'Digital Crown' - the fancy name given to the watch's control dial - now has haptic feedback for easier and more precise control.

One of the completely new features being added to the Apple Watch 4 is an automatic detection if you fall. If you fall over, you'll get a notification asking if you need to call for assistance. If you're immobile for more than one minute, it will automatically make a call to emergency services for you. So, if you're clumsy... you might want to be careful. But this could have a good application for people with disabilities who live independently, or elderly people.

With a focus on health in mind, the watch also has better heart rate monitoring, with better data collecting that can tell you if your heart rate is too slow, or too fast. What's more, it also has a built in ECG – the first consumer product available over the counter to do so. Apple's received clearance from the FDA - the US Food and Drug Administration - for both its heart rate monitor and the ECG technology.

The Apple Watch 4 will be available in silver, gold and space grey. It'll start at $399, and you can order from this Friday, with shipping starting on 21st September. Apple Watch Series 3 will remain available, with a new price of $299. We'll have UK prices as soon as they're available.