BA Shamed as Least Efficient Transatlantic Passenger Hauler

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you want a slightly less environmentally toxic way of managing your luxury winter shopping holiday to New York, use any airline that isn't British Airways. That's the conclusion of a report into transatlantic passenger flights assembled by the International Council on Clean Transportation, which blames everything from old planes to space for more luxury seating for BA's poor economy averages.

The ICCT has ranked the UK-US fliers using the metric of average fuel consumption per passenger kilometre travelled, and has found that relative newcomer to the UK Norwegian — with its modern fleet of red bulbous-nosed planes and super-dense economy seating — comes out top.

Norwegian manages to fly a passenger for 44km per litre of fuel, they calculate, with BA managing just 27. BA's reliance on some older, less efficient planes is part of the problem, with its old 747s and ageing Airbus A380s burning up the special aeroplane petrol at a much higher rate than Norwegian's newer 787 Dreamliners, leaving BA's economy figures at 22 per cent below the industry average. [ICCT via Telegraph]