BBC Plans to Cut Web Content to Fight Competition

By Kim Snaith on at

As reported today by The Guardian, it looks like the BBC is planning to change up the content on its website by focusing on the areas that do well and removing lower traffic sections.

The areas the BBC will continue to concentrate on will be: iPlayer, news, music and spoken word, weather, sport, children’s content, BBC Bitesize and the BBC homepage. These areas allegedly account for 90% of all the BBC's online audience. The BBC Earth and BBC Arts sections of the website are said to be being axed, and there'll also be less "celebrity gossip" content, too.

This is all in a bid to fight off competition from American streaming services such as Netflix. Less time spent creating content that only a minority of users interact with means more time and resources to be spent in the areas that matter, such as iPlayer. It makes sense, and a source from the BBC is quoted as saying, "We are already evolving BBC iPlayer to reflect changing patterns of consumption. IPlayer set the standard that others have followed. We need to leap ahead once more." [TechRadar via The Guardian]