Blockbuster Video Has Returned to London... But It Only Stocks Deadpool 2

By Kim Snaith on at

Remember the good old days of going to your latest Blockbuster, grabbing a VHS off the shelf and a bag of popcorn to go with it, then spending your Saturday night watching the latest video release before having to post it back through Blockbuster's door the next day? It's a hazy, distant memory by now. But if you live in London, you can relive those glory days. But just for today. And as long as the film you want to watch is Deadpool 2.

To advertise the DVD and Blu-ray release of Deadpool 2, a pop-up Blockbuster has appeared in Shoreditch. Just for two days, the rental shop opened yesterday, and will be open today.

But rather than renting copies of Deadpool 2, this Blockbuster will be giving them away. If customers happen to still have an old and worn Blockbuster membership card rotting away deep in their wallet, they can present it at the counter to get a limited edition VHS case for the film (no actual VHS cassette, because who has a VCR these days?) along with a download code. Everyone else has the chance to audition their superpowers, like the scene from the film, to win a copy of the film. There's apparently 1989 copies of Deadpool 2 to be given away, which is coincidentally* the year that Blockbuster first opened in London.

*probably not a coincidence.

If you're anywhere near Shoreditch today, go pay the shop a visit and get a nice burst of nostalgia (and hopefully a free copy of Deadpool 2. For everyone else, please enjoy these Instagram photos starring Lorraine Kelly. [CBR]

Photo: lastblockbustermovie/Instagram