Brave Eco-Warriors Asked to Stop Posting Empty Crisp Packets to Walkers

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a mass campaign going on out there right now where anti-plastic campaigners send their empty crisp packets back to Walkers using the crisp maker's own freepost address, which is all very clever and raises all the modern issues about non-recyclable plastic – but spare a thought for the poor old posties having to sort them.

That's what the Royal Mail has to say about the #PacketInWalkers fury anyway, as it says it has no problem processing masses of returned plastic packets being sent back to the manufacturer -- but can you please fold them up a bit and put them in an envelope first, as the sorting machines obviously can't process crisp packets so they all have to be done by hand. This might stop a man's important Amazon package from getting processed in time.

It won't make such a pretty photo to share on social media, though, plus protesting might be less thrilling when you have to loot the house trying to find an envelope. And the anger against crisp packets – that Walkers says will remain non-recyclable until around 2025 – doesn't seem to be making people angry enough to stop buying and eating loads of crisps, either, which would surely be a more effective protest than putting your rubbish in a post box and taking a photo for Twitter. [38 Degrees via BBC]

Image credit: Twitter