Cadbury Stockpiles Double Deckers to Ease Brexit Civil Unrest

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mondelez, the international conglomerate that currently owns our classic Cadbury brand, is preparing for all sorts of Brexit — including one where food chain disruption might halt the manufacturing processes of our favourite chocolate brands. Politics is one thing, but no Double Deckers to munch the pain away with? Whole new level of suffering.

Hence Mondelez is stockpiling ingredients and finished products, in case we all need to do some serious panic and/or comfort eating in early 2019, when whatever boring political earthquake thing either happens or doesn't happen. Hugh Weber, the firm's EU boss, told The Times that the stockpiling is being done as part of its plans for the hard and bumpy sort of late night X-rated Brexit, which, depending on who you believe, either might or might not trigger various food crises in the country.

At least there might still be Dairy Milk with Oreo on the shelves and a Fudge for the dirty-faced, no-shoes slum children of 2019 crisis Britain, even if they do cost £10 each, and there's no bread, and the apples can't get through from Portugal, and the emergency banana shipments are all rotting in a queue off Biscay pending resolution of the paperwork. [Reuters]