Channel 4 Will Show One (1) Live F1 Race Next Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The pay TV giants at Sky have thrown a little bone to terrestrial broadcaster Channel 4, with a content swap deal seeing some C4 productions head to Sky to be shown as box set collections -- in return for Channel 4 being allowed to show one F1 race in full, live, in 2019.

The good news for UK F1 fans is that it's the British Grand Prix that's to be shown on Channel 4 in its entirety as it happens, which ought to bring the nation together for a couple of hours to be annoyed at the timing of advert breaks. Channel 4 is also showing Sky production Tin Star this autumn, with Channel 4's in-house drama No Offence heading to Sky as a swap. Channel 4 is also showing highlights of the rest of the F1 races that Sky's keeping to itself, so hardcore F1 fans will need to keep the dish or the Sky app in order to watch the rest of them live. [Channel 4]