Dwarf Wrestling Events Cancelled in Leicester and Dorset

By Gary Cutlack on at

Wrestling fans hoping to see events starring US combat entertainment troupe the Dwarfanators are out of luck, as growing pressure to ban events that star athletes with dwarfism has led to some UK shows being cancelled.

In defence of its events, a spokesperson for Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling said it's all about positive vibes and proving that anything's possible and that even people with dwarfism can find work as pro athletes, and the wrestlers themselves are taking to Facebook to express their anger with the UK's Restricted Growth Association for kicking up a fuss and stopping them working.

The RGA says it all has a bit of a Victorian freak show feel to it, though, leading the Ferndown Leisure Centre in Dorset to cancel an EDW event, with Leicester's Morningside Arena also axing its scheduled smaller-than-usual wrestlefest, lest political correctness be allowed to go mad with a steel chair.

Torquay's Foundry might therefore be a little busier than usual on October 19, should its bosses decide to go ahead with its scheduled Dwarfanator event, before the team (might) continue on to Swansea and Liverpool, should local organisers not get cold feet too.  [BBC]