EE is Converting 3G Airwaves to 4G For Better Connections

By Kim Snaith on at

Today, mobile network EE has announced that it will be converting its 3G airwaves into a 4G signal that will allow for higher mobile internet speeds and better reliability for its users.

Over the next six months, EE will set about reworking over 500 3G mobile towers to allow them to provide a 4G signal. There are now more calls made via EE's 4G signal than on 3G, with 3G usage steadily declining. The company already has the biggest 4G "footprint" compared to any other UK network, and this update will make that reach even bigger.

The upgrade will focus on hotspots in the UK, primarily around cities, where the demand for high-speed mobile internet is greatest. The sites of the mobile towers getting upgraded are mostly spread between London, Birmingham, Manchester, Exeter, Bristol, Nottingham, Hill, Glasgow, Edinbugh, Cardiff and Belfast. So if you live out in the sticks somewhere, this latest EE upgrade is unlikely to affect your signal much.

These upgraded sites also pave the way for EE's 5G network, which will be switched on at some point in 2019. When 5G rolls out, the technology will be built on top of these current upgraded 4G sites. More immediately, though, this upgrade to 4G will allow this year's newest handsets to get the most out of their functionality. Once the work is complete, EE will provide five separate 'carriers' of 4G, and latest smartphones can connect to all five at once, giving the most stable possible connection.