Facebook Sues BlackBerry Claiming it Stole Voice Messaging Tech

By Tom Pritchard on at

In recent times BlackBerry has launched a number of high profile lawsuits against other tech companies, among them Facebook, and Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram. BlackBerry claimed all three services copied features and technology from BBM, and that it totally isn't patent trolling. But things have turned around, because Facebook is now suing Blackberry - alleging the latter stole voice messaging technology.

According to Bloomberg Facebook has accused BlackBerry of infringing on six of its patents, and has filed a case in a San Francisco federal court seeking unspecified damages. Among the patent allegedly breached are voice messaging, technology that improves mobile devices delivering graphics, video, and audio, plus tech that centralises the tracking and analysis of GPS data.

While we don't have the court documents to look over, and likely won't for some time, it'll be interesting to see the specifics of the case. I want to know if Facebook is trying to claim it owns the concept of sending short voice messages to people (which sounds pretty trolly, in my opinion), or whether there's something specific about the way both Facebook implemented the feature that it thinks BlackBerry copied.

 Knowing lawsuits of this calibre, and between companies of this size, it doesn't seem likely this will be resolved quickly. After all Blackberry said it had "several years of dialogue" with Facebook before filing the messaging lawsuit back in March. Then again, stranger things have happened. More as we hear it.