Galaxy Note 9 Owners Will Eventually be Allowed to Disable Bixby

By Tom Pritchard on at

A couple of weeks ago, following the release of the Galaxy Note 9, it became apparent that it was missing a feature present on other Galaxy handsets - specifically the fact that you couldn't officially disable the Bixby button. But, from the sounds of things Samsung will be updating the phones so they can disable the much-maligned virtual assistant. That's according to a tweet from Samsung Germany at any rate.

While that suggests Bixby will only be deactivated when the phone is locked, it's welcome news for everyone that doesn't like Bixby or keeps accidentally hitting the button when they're trying to lower the phone's volume. The weird question is why Samsung took away this feature in the first place. It was released on the Galaxy S8 after people made it clear they didn't like Bixby, and continued to be available on each phone since.

The likelihood is it was a daft oversight, but once I put on my conspiracy cap I have to wonder whether someone ordered this change to try and get people to give Bixby 2.0 a chance. Clearly Samsung wants Bixby to be used, and not discarded right off the bat, which explains why it refuses to let users officially remap the button to something more useful - like the camera shutter or Google Assistant.

So if you have a Note 9, and have renewed your disdain for Samsung's assistant software, you probably don't have to wait much longer before you can get rid of it properly. Assuming, of course, you haven't already installed a third-party button remapper. [SamMobile via Ubergizmo]