Google Accidentally Activates Battery Saver Settings to Android Pie Users

By Kim Snaith on at

On Friday, a user took to the r/GooglePixel reddit to ask if anyone's power saving mode had been turning itself on even though they'd set it to off. It turns out that the company had been testing features internally, and accidentally rolled out changes to a wider user group.

An official Google account took to the reddit thread to offer an explanation:

Hi all, some of you may have noticed that battery saver turned on automatically today. This was an internal experiment to test battery saving features that was mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended. We have now rolled battery saver settings back to default. Please configure to your liking. Sorry for the confusion.

However, it seems the brief apology wasn't enough, with many users complaining that "the whole 'we'll fix it guys' is not gonna fly on this one" and "they shouldn't have the ability to change a setting without warning".

How wide spread the issue was is not entirely clear. The forum the discussion was brought up in was for Pixel users, but according to the BBC website, other Android devices have also been affected, but all have been running Android Pie. So if you're running Android Pie, you might want to check your battery saver settings to ensure they're what you want them to be. [BBC]