Heathrow Goes Back To School As White Boards And Markers Replace A Broken Computer System

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last month Gatwick was hit with an IT glitch that killed its flight information screens, forcing staff to write down information on a whiteboard and shout at the big crowd of passengers squinting at the rubbish handwriting. It seems that these issues aren't restricted to the south London airport, because yesterday Heathrow was hit with a similar issue. As you would expect, the solution turned out to be very similar.

A connection issue meant Terminal 2's screens stopped working, forcing staff to take the same old school approach. Staff wheeled out a whiteboard to display some of the information, and were offering help to anyone who needed it. The good news was that, unlike Gatwick, which seemed to have a complete failure of the system thanks to a dodgy fibre connection, passengers were still able to look for information on their phones. Ah the wonders of modern technology.

Fortunately the 'chaos' was only temporary, and Heathrow managed to fix whatever the problem was and get the screens up and running. Which is good, because Heathrow is one of the world's busiest airports. Terminal 2 may not be the busiest bit, but the airport claims that it still services 16.5 million passengers every day. Maybe that explains why some of the restaurants are rather slow at bringing out the bill. Unless, of course, they just have problems with hiring good staff. [Standard]