Jenson Button Put 551 Miles on His McLaren P1

By Gary Cutlack on at

Former F1 driver Jenson Button has decided to wave goodbye to one of the most celebrated pieces within his car collection, with his costly and extremely bespoke McLaren P1 now listed for sale.

The sales particulars show he managed to get 551 miles done on it since 2015, also revealing the heavy list of custom modifications he had made to the car before taking delivery -- including a £20k custom road-legal race mode handling option put in by the Mclaren Special Operations team -- because he always seemed to be substantially richer than other F1 drivers for some reason.

Button is promoting the sale on his Instagram account, where he said: "It's a tough decision but living in America I don't really get the chance to drive this beauty, I did give her a final blast up to Silverstone for WEC last month though!" [SH Cars via Autocar]