Kurio's Kid-Friendly Tablet Gives Parents More Control Than Ever

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are more screens around us than ever, and with the popularity among parents and kids the discussion over screen time is now bigger than any point in history. Kids tablets are nothing new, with various companies offering devices that let children play with them in a safe way that parents can control. Kurio is the latest to offer such a device, and it promises to give parents more control than they can get from similar devices.

The Kurio Tab Connect is designed to let parents access the tablet remotely, meaning there's more there than just setting up parental control profiles and leaving the child to their own devices for the rest of the day. The tablet itself runs on Android, with parents getting the option to remotely access it from their own phone. That gives them the power to do things like turn the tablet off, change volume, toggle the blue light filter, plus all the usual parental control settings like age-appropriate filters, block certain apps and websites, as well as setting screen time limits.

The Tab Connect can also be used as a standard Android device for parents to use (running Android Go 8.1), with front and rear cameras, 32GB of storage with microSD expansion, a selection of pre-loaded educational apps, and offers the option to save content locally rather than rely solely on Wi-Fi, and features that let parents interact wit h their kids without actually physically getting up to find where they're hiding. That includes Wi-Fi messaging and calling, as well as the option to play games together and stop judgey people accusing you of letting technology babysit your kids.

It's also got a shock-proof case, because we know kids are just as dumb as adults and have a tendency to drop things, and a year's worth of weekly updates that provide free educational apps, videos, and e-books.

So you don't just have to rely on Amazon if you want some sort of child-friendly technology. Kurio's Tab Connect will be available in Blue or Pink for £99.99, and is set to launch on 8th October.