Labour Suggests Ban on Betting Ads During Live TV Sports

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Labour party is planning a post-election crackdown on live TV gambling adverts, with the party saying that any near/distant future Labour government would introduce a ban on betting companies advertising their weird trade offerings during live sporting events.

The science behind it is that betting seems all the more addictive and compulsive when it's being done live as games unfold, making it harder for problem gamblers to avoid having a quick punt on some bloke with overstyled hair putting in the back of a net within the next five minutes or some such 12/1 long shot.

Labour's Tom Watson announced the package of betting restrictions he'd like to see, which also includes a limit on placing bets using credit cards, a new tax on gambling businesses to fund addiction support, and the option of asking banks to limit payments to betting firms to help the addicted wean themselves off. All of which might happen if Labour win the next election. Wonder if Tom's looked at the odds of that happening lately.


Featured image: Bet 365