Land Rover Builds a Retro Infotainment Hub With Knobs and Dials For Ageing Classics

By Gary Cutlack on at

IF you have an old Land Rover or Jaguar and IF money is no object and IF you would like a new radio and satnav, THEN Land Rover's classic team has a really quite impressive solution. It's building retro-futuristic entertainment devices to slot into ancient old vehicles, bringing knobs and dials and a 3.5-inch touchscreen to the world of rotary fans and sliding vents.

The image atop the page shows such a thing, which is a quite beautifully modern piece of kit that fits in with any stinks-of-dog 1990s Land Rover interior, blending its new screen and Bluetooth connectivity with rotary controls and physical buttons. The cost of the thing is a bit much, mind, at £1,000 for the head unit and a bit more to have someone install it properly without making too much of a mess of getting the old one out, but money's probably not much of a concern to people with spare Defenders knocking about the cow shed.

There are models designed to blend in with the alternative finishes of classic Jaguars too, which might be of interest if you've just inherited your grandad's beloved XJ40. [Land Rover Classic via Top Gear]