Leak Claims There Will be a Bigger Battery on the OnePlus 6T

By Tom Pritchard on at

According to rumour the OnePlus 6T is set to launch on 17th October, meaning it's about time we start hearing about all the different things thephone has to offer. In addition to some teases from OnePlus itself, the rumour mill has been working hard to bring us information on the new headset. There are obvious fakes out there, which means we should always be sceptical, but the That latest one promises the phone will have a larger battery than the OnePlus 6.

Well actually, the fact that the 6T will have a bigger battery isn't news. According to OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei one of the reasons the phone won't have a headphone jack is to make space for a bigger battery, but this leak gives us a number. According to a post from Chinese social network Weibo, the OnePlus 6T may be as high as  3,700 mAh battery - 400 mAh larger than the OnePlus 6. While a bigger battery doesn't necessarily mean longer life, TechRadar points out that the 6T is expected to have the same chipset as the OnePlus 6 - meaning there should be some improvement in battery life.

The slightly bad news is that the leak claims the battery may be as low as 3,610 mAh, which isn't as nice and round as 3,700, but still offers a significant improvement over the OnePlus 6. But it does say that Dash Charge is making a return, rather than OnePlus opting for Oppo's 50W charging system as had been rumoured. It's not clear how things like the EU trademark rejection and pending lawsuit from Bragi will play into things, but even with a name charge there's no reason for Dash Charge's underlying technology to change. Considering the Dash Charge name is already established, it seems likely that the leak would refer to it as such until we get official word of a rebrand from OnePlus itself.

So there you have it, if all is to be believed the OnePlus 6T will have a lovely big battery - which is always a good thing. The OnePlus 6's battery life has proven to be pretty impressive, especially directly compared to handsets packing more juice. Hopefully things will be just as good, if not better, for the 6T.