Leaked Animations Give us a New Look at Google's Upcoming Pixel Stand

By Tom Pritchard on at

Over the past few months we've been hearing about a new Google product called the 'Pixel Stand', allegedly a wireless charging stand that turns a Pixel 3 into a Google Home device. Most of those leaks have come thanks to data mining the official Google app, with code hiding references to the device or hiding a way to activate the Stand's interface. This time we're getting another look at how the Stand may look in action thanks to some new animations.

The animations were apparently hiding away in the latest version of the Google app, until they were discovered by 9to5Google. Thw two show what seems to be a Pixel device sitting in the dock, scrolling through a number of different images and functions, giving us an indication of what it may actually look like - rather than just showing off the interface. The actual animations won't play nice with our system, sadly, so you'll have to head to 9to5Google if you want to see them in action. That said, the scrolling images don't show off anything new that you can't see in the following screenshots.

So from the looks of things the Pixel Stand isn't that much different from any regular charging stand, though if it really is a wireless charger there should be a backplate that provides the power to the phone. There could be a USB-C port hiding underneath the phone, but that would feel like a big missed opportunity - even if it did mean the Pixel Stand would be compatible with the Pixel and Pixel 2 as a result. Things may change between now and the event, but we're getting close enough that there isn't much time to mix things up.

But this is just one of many devices Google is expected to launch at its 9th October event. Not only will we get to see the Pixel 3 and 3XL officially (at long last), the company is also expected to launch its own smart display, currently called the Google Home Hub, with a 7-inch display built-in Max-style speaker on the rear. An upgraded Chromecast and second-gen Pixel Buds are also said to be on the cards, meaning it's bound to be a busy event. [9to5Google]