Lego Has Unveiled This Year's Christmas Model

By Kim Snaith on at

The latest Lego set in the company's festive-themed Winter Village line-up has been revealed over the weekend: it's a Winter Village Fire Station. Like other Winter Village sets, it's made up of one main building – in this case, the fire station itself – and several smaller structures, including a wintery bench and lamppost, a Christmas tree, and a fountain. This time, we also have a small old-fashioned fire engine, too.

There are six minifigures in the set – seven if you include the statue in the middle of the fountain – as well as a dog and a baby. The building itself is pretty detailed. Of course nothing to the extent of the now-retired modular fire station, but it's a single-fronted building with an open back. There's a garage in which to park the fire engine, a tower complete with fireman's pole, and an upstairs break room with a table and chairs.

The Winter Village Fire Station is set to release on 1st October, but if you're a VIP member, you can get early access from this Thursday, 13th September. It's 1,166 pieces, making it slightly bigger than the last couple of Winter Village sets, but it's slightly more expensive too – it'll set you back £85.

Still, it's a nice set, and if you've got a Christmas montage going on, it'll make a nice addition.