LEGO's Next Creator Expert Set is This Giant Wind Turbine

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in 2008 LEGO teamed up with Vestas, a Danish company responsible for developing wind turbines, to turn one of their turbines into a set. The only problem was this set was limited edition, and in typical LEGO style it means resellers have been trying to sell them for a small fortune. Bad news for those sellers, because LEGO is relaunching the Vestas turbine in the form of a new 826-Piece LEGO Creator Expert set.

There's a lot to like about this set, and not just because its a re-release of a rare set from the LEGO archives. It's huge, for one thing, measuring one metre in height, which is the same as the Saturn V rocket or a small child. It's also 72cm wide, and 32cm deep, making it one of the most space-hogging LEGO sets out there. It also include powered functions just like the original. They include the spinning turbines, and a light in the front porch of the house.

In terms of build, the set includes the turbine (obviously), a miniature cabin at its base, three Vestas engineer minifigures, a van, and a small dog. Even more interesting is that is the first set to include LEGO's new sustainable plant pieces, which have been made of sugarcane and launched last month as part of a special promotion. LEGO has confirmed that only two pieces of greenery are the new sustainable pieces, however. Which isn't surprising, since the company has previous said that it was planning to gradually phase out the original plastic stuff .

The set is also designed to be a commemoration of LEGO's dedication to renewable energy, since the company says its invested in so much renewable energy it's managed to offset 100 per cent of energy needed to develop its bricks. I doubt that the Vestas turbine set can produce a charge of its own, but this is one way to show that you too care about wind and other sustainable methods of energy production.

The set will be available on 23rd November (aka Black Friday), exclusive to LEGO stores both online and off. The bad news is that it's going to cost you £159.99, which is a lot of money for a set with such a small number of pieces, but I imagine the cost comes from the motorised functions. Also its size, because this is an absolute beast going by those dimensions.