Lego's Winter Holiday Train and Winter Village Station Are Back

By Kim Snaith on at

If you missed out on last year's Winter Village Station or 2016's Winter Holiday Train, both Christmas-themed sets are making a return this year. That means, along with the newly-announced Winter Village Fire Station, there'll be three Christmas sets available from Lego this year.

It's an unusual move from Lego. Previous years have seen the sets retired after just one winter, so for both sets to be available – a third season for the Winter Holiday Train – is unprecedented. Still, it's good for people who missed out last year as there's now another chance to get both sets. And they're great sets, too. Last year, the train took pride of place under my tabletop Christmas tree.

It's perhaps bad news for collectors who were hoping that their still-sealed Winter Village Station and Holiday Train sets might be worth something by now. But it seems very much like Lego is making a stand by making its sets in much higher quantities.

If you're yet to grab either the Holiday Train or Winter Village Station, both are back in stock on the Lego website now, priced at £74.99 each.