Looks Like Lego's Annual Christmas Gift Has Leaked

By Tom Pritchard on at

Throughout the year Lego offers a variety of little perks to try and entice you into buying Lego, or rather more Lego than you originally thought you were going to buy anyway. Sometimes that perk is exciting like an exclusive set, and sometimes it's rubbish like a free green baseplate. There's always a themed gift around Christmas, though, with a Nutcracker arriving last year , a Snow Globe-type thing the year before, and a gingerbread house in 2015. They're generally quite nice, and this year doesn't look to be any exception.

As found by Candid Bricks on a Russian affiliate site, this year's Christmas-themed bonus gift seems to be 40293 Christmas Roundabout. The set has a similar form factor to 2016's 40223 Snowglobe, and has mechanical parts that mean you can crank a handle to spin the roundabout round. The mini train can also be removed and attached to a carriage, in case you want a tiny Lego trainset to play with.

If that wasn't enough, Lego's obviously going to have plenty more Christmas-themed sets to come, and Brickset noticed that same Russian site reveals two new baubles with buildable Lego figures inside. This time we have a penguin and a stack of presents.

There will be a lot more like this in the coming weeks, I imagine, as the Lego Company reveals more of the themed sets that will be hitting shop shelves this Christmas. The Lego Star Wars, City, and Friends advent calendars are already available, and teaser images for the 2018 Winter Village have already been spotted online, so that announcement should be imminent.