New Leak Gives Us a Better Look at the Google HomeHub Smart Display

By Tom Pritchard on at

The age of the smart speaker is over. Smart speakers are boring and dull, because you can only use your mouth and ears to interact with them. Now is the age of the smart display, offering all of the same things as a smart speaker, but with some visual and touch aspects thrown in for good measure. Because you can never have too many smart devices in your home. Google has been said to be working on a smart display of its own, tentatively called the HomeHub, and a new leak gives us a better look at what it has to offer.

In the past leaks have shown off a white version of the display, which looks just like a regular old Android tablet sitting on something that looks vaguely similar to the speaker system on the Google Home Max. The first of these new images (via Android Headlines) is exactly the same, though it shows off a version of the device that's dark grey. Or 'charcoal' if you want to get pretentious about it.

Things to note are the fact that the power cable is clearly not USB-C, since it's far too round, and it doesn't appear to have a camera. Unless that grey oval is a placeholder in these images, since that's the most obvious place a camera could be. There also seems to be some sort of switch on the back, though the purpose of that is unknown (Edit: I've been told it's a switch to mute the mic, which makes sense). It could be a power switch, or something else entirely. Overall, not too different from what has leaked before, and not that interesting.

The second image has a side-view of the HomeHub, showing off just how weird the stand portion of the thing looks:

In the past it's been suggested that the stand will have a speaker system similar to the Google Home Max, though it's clear from this image that there's going to be no distinction between the speaker section and the regular support. Assuming that is the case of course. The problem is that the stand seems to be covered in Google's favourite cloth material, the likes of which can be found on the Home, Home Mini, Daydream headset, and more. So there's no indication, from these images at least, of where the speakers are directed. They could be 360-degrees, but that feels like a waste seeing as how the the HomeHub is probably going to be close to a wall.

We've already seen what a Google Assistant-powered smart display can do, since there are already offerings available from other companies, so Google may have trouble differentiating its own display from everyone else. The best way to do that is with the hardware, but we're going to have to wait and see what its plans are. Currently the HomeHub is expected to be announced on the 9th October, alongside the likes of the Pixel 3, Pixel Stand, refreshed Pixel Buds, and a long-overdue upgraded Chromecast. [Android Headlines via Slashgear]