New Leak Shows us a Bit More About Google's Pixel Stand

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in July we heard about a new Google product called the 'Pixel Stand', a wireless charging dock that would turn a Pixel 3 into a screen-clad Google Home device. We haven't heard much since, but now some information has hit the net with some of the things this new device will supposedly do. Fair warning, they're not all that surprising.

Like mentions of the Pixel Stand that were discovered in a beta version of the Google app beta, this new information comes as a result of digging. XDA Recognized Developer Quinny899 managed to get hold of what the Pixel Stand turns the Pixel into when activated, which was achieved when a special intent gets sent to the Google App with the “launched_by_dock” flag set as “true.”

As you can see, functions of the docked Pixel include weather, playing music, making phone calls, reading messages, showing reminders, setting alarms and timers, plus playing out the news. All things you can do with a Google Home, but with a screen to go along with it like the Lenovo Smart Display. What's more, the last leak told us that Google would let users set the Pixel Stand as a 'trusted device', meaning they could still control Google Assistant while the phone was locked.

This is a beta app for the time being, so things will likely change in the run-up to the Pixel 3 launch at the start of October. Currently that's expected to happen on 4th October, just like the last two years, but we've yet to get any confirmation on that from Google itself. Still, there's not long to wait before the company can pretend like all these leaks haven't happened. [XDA Developers Forum via Trusted Reviews]