New Leaked Picture May Give Us Our First Proper Look at Google's Pixel Stand

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've been hearing more and more about Google's Pixel Stand over the past few weeks, thanks to information discovered by data miners in Google's own official app. The idea being that you can slap a Pixel 3 device onto the stand, and turn it into a Google Assistant-centric smart display. Now we finally have a leaked image that may give us our first look at the stand in question thanks to MySmartPrice. 

As you can see it's not actually that impressive. In fact, even from this angle, it just looks like a regular wireless charging stand. That might be irritating to some, but there are some advantages to that. For one it means the stand isn't likely to take up much room, and it won't look that daft with the phone in place. As we saw in animations that leaked earlier this week, the system looks like its designed for a vertical display - something this type of design seems to corroborate.

Google is supposedly working on a stand-alone smart display that will be launched alongside the Pixel 3 and Pixel Stand, with rumours suggesting that there will be a 7-inch display and Home Max-style speaker system on the back. How the two will work side-by-side is currently unclear, but given the smaller scale of the Pixel Stand it seems likely that they're not supposed to compete. Certainly not when you remember that the Pixel Stand also requires a Pixel Device - likely a Pixel 3 which is set to finally come with wireless charging.

But that's just my guess, and we won't find out for sure until Google announces its new slate of products on 9th October. [MySmartPrice via The Verge]