Now TV has a Brand New, More Powerful Streaming Box, and it has Netflix Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday I wrote about some new Roku devices that aren't coming to the UK, or at least Roku told me there are no plans to announce on that front. Well today we have some good Roku-centric news, now that Sky has announced it's launching a new Now TV box. Not only does this new box promise to be more powerful than its predecessors, Sky has revealed it actually have Netflix on it.

Now that Sky has partnered with Netflix to make the streaming service available to Sky Q customers it makes sense that it would arrive on their discount streaming devices. What's more, Netflix will be arriving on all Now TV devices rather than just the new one. But having one of those means you won't get to enjoy what the souped-up hardware has to offer.

The main point to make is that the new Now TV offers 4K resolution, which is a big step up from the HD services offered by previous devices. It can also run video at 60fps, in HDR, and includes voice search. In fact it looks a lot like one of the 4K Roku boxes that haven't been made available here, with all the relevant hardware specs. There's microSD expansion, volume and power controls on the remote, and a 'night mode' that reduces the sounds from loud noises like explosions. NowTV's premium channels also, as usual, offer the option to pause live TV, Sky+ style.

The New Now TV box doesn't have a name, but it does have a pricetag of £45.99 - a darn site cheaper than most other 4K boxes out there. The only caveat is that it's a NowTV box, and means a lot of streaming services aren't supported. Services like Amazon Prime Video, for instance. It can be purchased right now from the Now TV website, and paying an extra £5 gets you a month's access to Entertainment, Sky Kids, or Sky Cinema, or a day's access to Sky Sports.